About us

About the company

Edupharma is a pharmaceutical wholesale company in Lithuania, operating since 2010, specialising in the supply of prescription medicines.
Our main task is to ensure a smooth supply of necessary medicines and medical devices to pharmacies, medical institutions and wholesale drug distribution companies.

Edupharma is the link that ensures a smooth supply of quality medicines to our partners.

The team

We are a professional, reliable team with many years of experience in the wholesale of medicines. We are flexible, responsible, efficient and professional. We respond quickly to new opportunities and challenges and always take into account the needs and wishes of our employees and the ideas they propose. We encourage our team to keep learning and developing in order to be innovative and to benefit our customers and partners.


Licence - a document, an official authorization granting the right to carry out certain commercial operations, in the manner and under the conditions specified in the document.
Licensing is one of the most stringent means of regulating economic activity.